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The Circus of Dreams


Ethereal beta waves competed with Alpha, Delta and Gamma

for a place in the queue to the circus of dreams.

Paying the highest price for free admission, they lay down on cold couches of leather

and the curtain rose for a free interpretation of their desires

The unconscious mind of the woman who walked out and the girl who stayed behind

entered, wearing a top hat and bright red tights

 She introduced Id and Ego, who competed to overtake the superego of all superegos


Sigmund bowed and said, “Manifest moments came to me in REM time

and life’s distortions are lived out as surreal reality.

“The case of Anna is a case to behold, a womb with no reason to be bold,

she became hysterical when her life was exposed.”

Breuer entered and lit a spark that took hold of Sigmund,

who fanned the flaming red hot poker flames

and conjured a rabbit and reams of fluttering flags out of nowhere


Preconscious drove through a train tunnel, where enlightenment took hold

and Breuer and Freud assisted a women to give birth to a new theory

 A germ of an idea came out of the discussions that followed

and were relentlessly retold in the staged University of life,

 on which Freud stirred a cauldron of primitive wishes and kept impulses at bay

while Breuer lay down on a green leather couch and talked about the unconscious mind

 of the woman who walked out despising the womb they had connected to her mind


The show continued, and Id and Ego, who continued to compete to overtake Superego,

released suppressed unconscious wishes onto a canvas of reel to reel images

on which life’s distortions were lived out as surreal reality

As existence swayed and melded the actors grew tired, some limped away

chased by nightmares and bogged down by insecurities

And Sigmund interrupted to say again, ‘Manifest moments come to me in REM time.

But the show must go on.”



In this psychic arena with sawdust on the floor the freaks were brought in

Oedipus poked out his eyes, becoming blind to his castration anxiety

Electra thrived, nurtured in deep compost and fed every day

she grew deliriously happy at the sight of her womb, growing in the glass case beside her

Like a tumor bleeding with anxiety and growing into hysteria by default

Blood surged to her brain in vapors wrapped in organza silk 

and she lay down dazed and beholden to Sigmund and all men



The clowns came in to great applause, tumbling over buckets of fear and repulsion

they laughed and sat down on brightly colored potty’s

 filled to overflowing with an anal-retentive heaving mass

Obsessively tidy, punctual and respectful of authority, they larked around

stubbornly refusing to open their tight-fists, filled with notes and coins

Pleasure drooled from sardonic smiles, and they grinned at the rebellious slobs

who slept on beds of nails and threw free doses of resentment, rivalry, jealousy and fear


As Penis Envy jumped up and took hold of Love, Hate, Shame, Guilt and Fear,

who swung on a trapeze suspended to the ceiling, with no safety net,

a pink tutu-clad girl pushed her mama aside,

loving Daddy she watched as the folds of  mama’s skin parachuted open

to land her gently onto a bed of thorns surrounded by cellulite

And Sigmund said, “Manifest moments come to me in REM time.”

And, throwing a gold crown to Oedipus Rex, he exited stage left.


Eros entered and took hold of The Instinct To Survive With Libido Intact

“Sex! Who mentioned that word,” Thanatos said and reared his ugly head

His death instinct sensors tuned to the destructive forces in the baying crowd

he turned violent and self-destructed like a suicide bomber

Back out on the street of REM, hypnogogic and hypnocampic experiences rebounded

in looped dream sequences relayed on large screens

And the circus packed up and moved on to open in another town.

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© Sheena Macleod